Jaclyn Hill X Morphe

As Jaclyn would say “amaze-balls” this palette is a dream for pretty much anyone and everyone. Made up of 35 incredible colors, this was created by Jaclyn, in collaboration with Morphe Cosmetics. Although most people pick up palettes based off of formulation and color preference, it is nice to know a little about the history of the palette, especially when there is a queen behind all the creativity! Jaclyn was given complete creative control behind this palette, she made it known to Linda the owner of the company, that it had to be perfect in her eyes, and she wouldn’t stop until so.. hence two years of production. With that being said, these individual shadows have been redone multiple times until they reached Jaclyn’s version of perfection. Unlike most palettes being made in mass production, this palette was also individually pressed, that means each individual shade was given its specific needs to be pigmented, and blendable. When I personally look for the perfect palette I want something with good color range, but also different finishes. Inside there are: mattes, shimmers, satins, foils, duo-chromes, and glitter. More often than not in most palettes mattes are the hardest to create, mostly because the powder has to be so finely milled that it can sometimes be chalky or patchy in application. If you’re a Jaclyn fan you would know that she would never create something anything other than a “creamy, buttery, smooth” finish.  She did exactly that, the proof is in the swatch. You can clearly see that the shimmers are high shine and intense, and the mattes are highly pigmented and smooth, its an absolute dream to work with. Id recommend this palette to the average woman, or any artist. It has everyday colors as well as fun pops of colors. The price point for this palette is $38.00, for 35 colors. This is  a higher price point for morphe cosmetics, but its well worth it. The packaging for this palette is also different than the rest of morphes palettes, unfortunately it is a little cheaper quality, made of a hard cardboard. Overall, I think for being $38.00 and amazing shadow, it is well worth the hype and price.


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