Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow

As much as we all love glitter, it’s a major pain in the butt to apply and remove! I for one cannot get enough of glitter.. If I could bathe in it, I probably would. So when these were recently released I was super excited but a little skeptical. I generally don’t enjoy working with glitter because of the hassle to apply it,  you have to make sure you dampen your brush, and use a glitter glue, and then it still can end up all over your perfectly applied foundation and concealer. Does that ever really stop me though? No. The idea behind these were to make it a liquid glitter, to avoid it being a hot mess express. THANK YOU STILA! The top swatch is called Smoldering Satin the bottom is Rose Gold Retro. Naturally I was driven to the rose gold color, but I ended up trying the Smoldering Satin first. Now my first impressions were, holy crap.. these are super pigmented, super sparkly, and GORGEOUS! However when I went to go touch up my crease color with a blending brush, it was immediately all over my face.. dun dun dun, my biggest pet peeve. I was a little disappointed but I knew I could make them work. Heres my biggest tip: USE GLITTER GLUE! The best glitter glue I have found is the Two Faced Glitter Glue, it’s literally like gorilla glue but for cosmetics.. & I mean that in the best way possible! Once I applied that, and then the stila glitter and glow, BOMB! Magic! Another helpful tip when applying these, is they dry quickly, so once you get it down onto the lid and want to blend it out in any way, you have to do it immediately, otherwise they will set and not move. Overall,  I am in love, I highly recommend picking one up if you enjoy glitters. They are  $24 which is reasonable in my opinion. A must for anyone looking to take their makeup looks to the next level!


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